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Summary: 13 Episodes of Daily Scary Horror News 2 minutes of Horror Podcast covers current events in Horror, Scary Movies, Horror Humor and highlights from our 1 hour Spirits and More Radio shows. It’s only 2 minutes, don’t freak out.

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Tell Us Your Paranormal Story

If you would like to tell your story, that one that shook your beliefs or confirmed that there is more than meets the eye then contact us to be considered for the show!

    What you should tell us:
      • Who you are.
      • Where you are from.
      • How old you are and your occupation
      • Tell us your story.

Your story should be about a paranormal experience that happened to you personally.

We will review your story and contact you if we would like to do a recorded interview. Note we are not looking for fictional fabrications.

So it’s Show time! Tell us all about what happened:

editor @ spooksandspirits.com

Spirits and More Radio


  1. Hello,
    I’m a psychic, medium, empath….I can do it all. Lol
    I have MANY stories I can tell in discreet. I never reveal names, places, just round about info from readings unless given permission. They are private, but I can talk about them. I have had MANY personal encounters with spirits and ghosts. They are two different entities. One is in the light and one doesn’t know they are dead. They need help going into it.
    I would love to be on your show. I’ve had my gifts my whole life and reading for friends and family for years. But, professionally I’ve been reading since 2009.
    Contact me if you’re interested. I can even do readings on your show if you would like that. ?
    Thank you for your time. I know it’s limited and filled with a lot of dead air. Lol

  2. This actually happened to my husband but he hates to talk about it, because it still makes the hair on his arms and neck stand up.
    We live in south Texas and after we got married we bought a mobile home and lived on the Rio Grande River, across from Mexico. In a mobile home park, one night late, we were both asleep, when Jimmy, my husband looked up and saw coming out of our bathroom, a woman dressed in late period clothes. Like from western era, she walked around our bed and toward Jimmy’s side of the bed. He was watching her the whole time. As she walked right up to him she reached out to touch his arm. And that’s when he freaked and closed his eyes. When he re opened them, she was gone. The next morning, he was still a mess trying to tell me what happened.

  3. I seen a Flying saucer (not uFO) from the distance, then overhead close-up with inner propulsion?, and then in the distance back into a orange orb along the I-5 corridor and I reported it online to MUFON UFO reporting site….does that count?

  4. There are a number of simple scientific explanations that can account for why some listeners to the static on audio devices may believe they hear voices, including radio interference and the tendency of the human brain to recognize patterns in random stimuli.

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